By the Grace of God
So Our Love Brings New Meaning to Live
We Joyfully Request The Honor of Your Presence at Our Marriage

Albert Tristanta

The First Son of
Mr. Jasmin Sihakim
Mrs. Felina Chandra


Widya Putri Sunjata

The First Daughter of
Mr. Gayadi Sunjata
Mrs. Megawaty Muljo

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Before Our Special Day
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Virtual Wedding

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We love because He first loved us

-1 John 4:19

Love Story


Albert and Widya met in their university for the first time and one time in a church (Widya is still super sure, they saw each other in the eyes while Albert still deny everything!). Couple of days later, Albert  found Widya and ask about the Catholic group in the school. They joined together and that was the beginning of their relationship.


They finally start dating. Everything was super sweet at the beginning. But still, every couple has their own problems. While other couple deal with long distance problem, they deal with a super short distance problem. They met everyday and that made them feel they've been together twice the real time of being a couple. Due to the familiarities they thought they felt, sometime they took each other for granted. But they still manage to be together.


After graduated, they went to different companies to work. It took a while to adjust the differences because they have different preference of dating style. Albert stick to his schedule which was dates only allow on Saturday and Widya, well, she really want to meet everyday.


After 6 years, Albert finally proposed and they've been preparing since. When it's time to choose their pre-wedding theme, it's been a tricky one since they don't have any similarities or activity they enjoy together other than sitting on the sofa while doing their own thing. Then, they decided to highlight all their differences into a story of togetherness (Hope you all enjoy the photos and laugh happily with them!).


They chose their own wedding date and found the one that they like. October, 8th. And now it's the time to share their beginning to a new journey of being family to you.

Thank you for sharing this joyful moment with us!

Wedding Wish

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Louis dan Catherine
Happy wedding AT & Widya! Selamat menempuh hidup baru 🙏
logo ramadhan
Ardiansyah S
Selamat Atas pernikahanya Mas Albert . Semoga bahagia selalu bersama keluarga barunya .
logo ramadhan
Selamat Menikah Mas Albert. Semoga bahagia selalu..
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Albert Yong
Congrats for your wedding Albert & Widya. semoga hidup bahagia sampai kakek nenek dan god bless.
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Olivia Virginia
Congrats on your upcoming wedding Albert & Widya! Wishing you both endless blessings and happiness!
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Andrew Prasetya
Selamat ya kalian berdua semoga sampai kakek nenek ya ! jangan lupa untuk bahagia ya guys ! Godbless !
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Martinus Malvin
Happy wedding Albert dan Widya Semoga pernikahan kalian abadi dan bahagia Tuhan berkati🙏🏻🙏🏻
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Happy wedding day albert & widya. Wish u guys will have unlimited happiness n blessing ❤
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Happy Wedding Albert dan Widya Bahagia dan Setia Selalu ...
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Hilda S
Congratz for your wedding Widya and Albert. Wishing you a long, happy and blessed marriage
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Arnold & Yola
Happy wedding AT dan Widya! Semoga selalu rukun dan bahagia ya 🙂 Tuhan memberkati!
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Congratulation on your wedding day and best wishes for a happy life together
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Feice Novi
Dearest Love Bird, Widya ♡ Albert May The blessing of our Lord, Jesus, always fill your whole new family life. "So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." (Matthew 19:6)
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Happy marriage albert and widyaaa
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Cornelia Winka Raningtyas
Happy Marriage! Wishing you a glorious ceremony. God Bless you both for the amazing journey you're about to embark on together.

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