By the Grace of God
We Joyfully Request The Honor of Your Presence at Our 2nd Lovely Daughter Birthday

Geallentry Eyleanore Ramelle


With Love,

Glaydden Firsthama
Francesca Dellera

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2nd Birthday


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Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Matthew 19:14

birthday Wish

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The Nguyen’s Family
While we won’t be at the party, we want to wish you a Happy Birthday and to have lots of fun! We hope that you’ll grow up to be a good, smart, health, happy, and strong boy. Always remember to listen to your parents. Uncle, Auntie and your cousins love you and miss you. We can’t wait to meet you!
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Charles, Louis, Max & Eliza
Happy birthday Mark! You are a one lucky boy to be born in such wonderful, caring and loving family! May your days be filled with joy, laughter and smiles! Grow big, strong and healthy!!!
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Happy Birthday anak mommy sayang, semoga kamu jadi anak yg pinter, sehat sllu, banyak rejeki nya, sllu di sayang sama semua orang & selalu menjadi anak yg rendah hati. Mommy sangat senang & bersyukur boboy hadir di kehidupan mommy. Walaupun nanti kamu sudah besar 1 hal yang harus boboy ingat bahwa mami akan selalu ada untuk boboy setiap saat boboy butuh mami. We love you boboy 😘😘😘
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Happy Birthday my son. Always be Happy, Healthy, Strong and be Kind to other people. We Always Love u. Jesus Bless u 😇
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Yolanda Cristine
God blessed you always❤️❤️🙏🏻
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Arley Kai
Happy Birthday little Mark! Soon you will grow into a God-loving boy. May His blessings fill you with joy and happiness always 🙂
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Happy birthday Mark. Semoga tumbuh Sehat, Kuat cerdas dan sukses kayak papi dan mami..
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Angela, Jon, Murphy & Tommy
We wish you a very Happy Birthday and a healthy, happy and prosperous life ahead X
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Kirana Larasati
Sehat selalu Mark, tumbuh menjadi anak yang pintar dan terberkati Tuhan selalu
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Always Hungry 168
Happy Birthday Mark, semoga sehat selalu and wish all the best for you 😇😇🤗🤗
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Merline tjieputra
Happy birthday mark, wish you all the best 😘😘😘
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Uncle Tomasz
Drogi Mark, Z okazji Twoich wyjątkowych pierwszych urodzin, życzę Ci żeby Twoje życie wypełnione było miłością i szczęściem, żebyś szybko doświadczył piękno jakie płynie z Tego daru i pamiętał, że zawsze możesz liczyć na rodzine. Ze szczerego serca, Wujek Tomek 我的下朋友,你快一岁快结束了,我祝你生日快乐和万事如意,叔叔Tommy爱你和在波兰总是欢迎你 叔叔汤武灵🥋
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Met Ultah Boboy, semoga jadi anak yg selalu sehat dan pintar, sayang selalu sama orang tua dan kakak, besar jadi orang yg baik dan sukses.
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Cici jeane
Happy birthday baby boy, semoga panjang umur,sehat selalu,jadi anak yang sukses dan bisa ngebanggain mommy sm daddy ya ❤️
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Nini Ellen
Happy Birthday cicit nya Nini, semoga panjang umur, banyak rejeki, sehat selalu, jd anak yg pinter, sayang orang tua & bsa jd boss besar nanti nya. Selalu ingat sama Nini yah boboy (Mark ). 😘😘😘❤️❤️
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Happy birthday handsome boy🙏🏻Sehat selalu , tumbh mnjadi anak yg takut akan Tuhan , slalu mnjdi berkat , slalu dlm pnyertaan Tuhan . Amin Gbu
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Happy B'day ABG abu...RM kecil abu Panjang umur,sehat selalu,senantiasa dlm lindungan Tuhan.gede jd anak yg hebat ,pinter . Luv luv luv U
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Mba rinah
happy birtdhay boboy🥳panjang umur sehat selalu dan bahagia🥰
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Mba Uci
Selamat ulang tahun oboy ganteng untuk yang pertama🥳, semoga panjang umur sehat selalu banyak rezeki dan bahagia selalu amin🤲🥰
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Mba isti
Happy birthday oboy ganteng❤semoga panjang umur sehat selalu makin banyak rejekinya & semoga bahagia selalu amin🙏🥳
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Mba nana
Happy birtday mark 🎂🥳semoga sehat selalu🙏
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Auntie Lia
Happy birthday baby boy "Boboy" ! Always healthy and happy ! God Bless You !
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Uncle Mitch
Happy Birthday!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!!
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Ayah-Bunda, Uncle Leo, Tim n Matt
Happy 1 st B"day my handsome Boboy🎂, wish U a long life, be smart n fear to God. 🎁 🥳 🎈 🍭 GBU🙏
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Happy birthday mark! May you bring more joy to this world and more!
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Oma mei
Happy birthday ma ganteng boy, stay handsome and awesome 😘😘😘
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Jerome Mcleish
Happy birthday ma friend! Let's grow together, and be friends forever. Can't wait to rock with you!
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I hope you have a great birthday and also I wish you a happy birthday!
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Auntie Vita
Happy birthday cute boy...😘😘🎂🎂
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Auntie Miyo
Happy 1st Boboy! You are growing up to be a big boy, and we all look forward to seeing you continue to grow. Smash the cake! (oops mom...) you only turn one once 😘
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Happy birthday my lovely boboy 💕 don't grow up too fast ! Stay sweet and cute! God bless you
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Andreas Zhu
Wish Baby Mark a fabulous Birthday 🥳🥳🥳
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Happy birthday little Marky! May God fulfill your life and bless you as you begin your life’s journey. Enjoy your special day and have all the fun eating your cake!
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Nina, Giles, Frederick & Layla
We all wish your the happiest of birthdays Mark
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Hi Boboy Mark,selalu diberikan kesehatan untuk boboy mark,diberikan rejeki untuk Mom & Dad, God Bless You & All The Best 😍😍
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Uncle Boy
Dear cute Boboy....wish you all the a good boy, kind and genereous....and uncle Boy wish you nanti kalo sudah besar jadi bintang film terkenal.... tetap menjadi cute boy...God bless and protect you...selalu sehat dan ceria....big big hug ....salam manyun hahahhah miss you boboy 😘
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pingkan s.p
boboy sehat selalu Tuhan berkati dalam tumbuh kembangnya ❤

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