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Graduation Day
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Virtual Wedding

With all due respect through the pandemic situation
we invite you to give support in prayer and be present virtually via live streaming :


Class 12 IPA

Batch 1:
08.00 – 08.20

1.Andrico Louis Marcello
2. David Lois
3.Hacken Wijaya
4.Houbert Canitio
5.Jackson Agustiar
6. Lucky De Viarpi

Batch 2:
08.20 – 08.40

1.Bambang Wijaya
2. Davin
3. Devlin Siantama
4. Gilbert
5. Jimmy Tan
6.Rivandy Hartono

Batch 3:
08.40 – 09.00

1. Felissia Kho
2.Hariani Hakiki Wijaya
3.Klarita Ariadna Simanjuntak
4.Marchxendo Hartana Kuswandoro Halim
5.Michelle Hong
6.Sherny Maysela

Class 12 IPS

Batch 4:

1. Angelina Tandjaya
2. Elinsa Wijaya
3. Felicia Kho
4. Jeslin Grace Lie
5. Joselyn Kholia
6. Marini
7. Neilsen Maxmilim
8. Sandy Pohan

Class 9A

Batch 5:

1. Alan Prayoga
2. Angeline Jaslyana
3. Chelsea Tatiana
4. Dario Alfarisi
5. Deven Wijaya
6. Ferdinand Louis
7. Jacksen

Batch 6 :

1. Jesslyn Caroline
2. Kelwin Frany
3. Lukman Wijaya
4. Nicksen Kurniawan Kang
5. Patrice Lawrencia Yeoh
6. Steven Surya
7. Vanessa

Class 9B

Batch 7:

1. Albert Ferri Yanto
2. Cailley Cendana
3. Clairine Angelia
4. Felice Sadira Hersen
5. Hayden Cristensen
6. Jason Tan
7. Jessen Triya Wihelsa

Batch 8:

1. Julya
2. Kevin Kristian Simanjuntak
3. Mackenzie Jeffrey Zhen
4. Sean Felix
5. Steven Ang
6. Van Luciano
7. Vincent Stevanius


What an impressive achievement!

Cerita Cinta

First Met in University of Klabat On October 2015
Start Dating on February 2016. Dating for 6 Years
Marriage Proposal on 26 January 2022


logo desain 15
Houbert Canitio
A brigr future

Wedding Gift

Your kind blessing can be sent to this information below


Thank you


SMP-SMA Education

Website Invitation
by Kondangankuy.com


This event is carried out in compliance with


As Follows :

Wear Mask

Wash Hands

Social Distancing

Avoid shake hands with others

Temp Check

Bring Sanitizer

Without diminishing respect in order to reduce the spread of the virus, please follow health protocols and arrive on time according to the time stated on the invitation.

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