Together with our families,
we request the honor of your presence to our wedding

Gunawan Bunjamin

 wen zhi min

The youngest son of
Mr. Tony Thomas Bunjamin
Mrs. Risma


drg. Fitra Pratiwi

liang cia wei 

The youngest daughter of
Mr. Rusli
Mrs. Farida

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Before Our Special Wedding Day
We hope you can be part of it

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So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate

Matthew 19:6

Cerita Cinta

Cinta pada Pandangan Pertama - 20 Juni 2018

Indah yang pada saat itu sedang tidak sengaja melihat foto Dimas di instastory salah satu teman kuliah Indah, yaitu Ican langsung terpanah melihat Dimas. Indah pun yang sangat blak-blakan tidak segan untuk memuji paras Dimas yang dia sampaikan lewat temannya tersebut

Cinta pada Pandangan Pertama - 20 Juni 2018

Indah yang pada saat itu sedang tidak sengaja melihat foto Dimas di instastory salah satu teman kuliah Indah, yaitu Ican langsung terpanah melihat Dimas. Indah pun yang sangat blak-blakan tidak segan untuk memuji paras Dimas yang dia sampaikan lewat temannya tersebut

Wedding Wish

logo desain 23
Happy wedding min
logo desain 23
happy wedding.congrat bro for the new journey of life.
logo desain 23
Androw & Venny
Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Wish you a wonderful journey as you build your life together. Encourage one another and build each other up. All the best for you both.. 🥰🥰
logo desain 23
Happy wedding min.
logo desain 23
Wilson Cu
Happy wedding fitra 🎉🎉
logo desain 23
Steffi Evan
Happy Wedding Cya & Min ❤ Live happily ever after...
logo desain 23
Kendro-Prima Diesel
Selamat menempuh hidup baru di dalam Kasih Karunia Tuhan.
logo desain 23
Happy wedding to both of you, have a longest happiness
logo desain 23
Happy Wedding ii & izhang 🥰
logo desain 23
Yonathan Ku
Happy wedding bro 🥂🍾
logo desain 23
Semoga langgeng sampai maut memisahkan.
logo desain 23
Congratz Min and Fitra ... wishing you happiness,, love, and joy on your wedding day.
logo desain 23
Happy Wedding Ko Gun & Ci Fitra. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together and a love that grows stronger with each passing day
logo desain 23
Selamat menempuh hidup baru, semoga langgeng sampai anak cucu,tuhan memberkati.
logo desain 23
Happy wedding Min 🥰💐…
logo desain 23
Theresia Languju
"Congrats on your Wedding ..Wishing you two a very happy and blessed married life." God bless..❤️
logo desain 23
Willy Kosasih
Be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.
logo desain 23
Cen Niati
Happy wedding Happy ever after & God Bless U
logo desain 23
Fenny Zaino
Happily ever after ya Min-min and Jia-wei 🥂 God Bless ❤️
logo desain 23
Christina thin
Happy wedding yaa minnn.. happily ever after n God bless you both..
logo desain 23
Happy wedding yaaa … Wishing you are full of happiness.
logo desain 23
Pdt. Tahir dan shemu
Gunawan dan Fitra, selamat membangun keluarga dalam kasih Tuhan. Tuhan memberkati.
logo desain 23
Selamat menempuh hidup baru a min dan Fitria. Semoga bahagia selalu. Tuhan berkati 🙏
logo desain 23
Pdt. Rasimin - Pdt. Martina
Selamat ya Gun dan Fitria. Kiranya Tuhan memberkati rumah tangga yang akan kalian bentuk.
logo desain 23
Thien cici
Happy Wedding Min2 ❤️ Fitria. Semoga berbahagia, Tuhan berkati🙏
logo desain 23
Dear MinMin and Fitria, wishing both of you happiness and lots of love today and beyond ❤️ ❤️
logo desain 23
Mala Bunjamin
Dear Min2 and Fitria wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love ❤❤❤
logo desain 23
Sukme dan Veni
happy wedding minmin and wife, happily ever after ☺️🙏
logo desain 23
sparepart factory
happy wedding😍😍😍
logo desain 23
Mr. Felix F
happy wedding ko gun, longlast, congrats for both of you.
logo desain 23
Nyuk kim
Happy wedding minmin🙏😇
logo desain 23
Dear Fitra and Gunawan, wishing you a happy wedding day and a lifetime filled with love. Congratulations 🍾
logo desain 23
Rosman Hindra
Happy Wedding ! Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow. Congratulations to the perfect couple
logo desain 23
San San
Happy Wedding MinMin 🥳
logo desain 23
Happy wedding ya ko Gun dan ci Fitra. Semoga hubungannya dipenuhi dengan kasih dan sukacita dari Tuhan. God bless 😊
logo desain 23
longlast dan terus lancar sampai hari H ya ko gun 😁
logo desain 23
happy wedding ko gunbunnn & ci fitra. God bless ✨
logo desain 23
Lie yung su
Congratulations for both of you. Remember always put our Lord Jesus as the centre of your family. May God bless you 🙏🏻
logo desain 23
Long last y bos Mimin...🥰
logo desain 23
Happy Wedding lovebirds! happy ever after♥️♥️
logo desain 23
Evelyn kusuma
Happy wedding ko bun2 and jia wei! Always happy and happy
logo desain 23
Ric Huang
Happy Wedding for both you, wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness 🥂✨
logo desain 23
Reinaldo Leander
Happy Wedding for both of you 🥳 May God bless both of you with abundant of love, joy and happiness❤
logo desain 23
Anderson Liongosari
Haapppy weddinngg for both of you, take care of each other and may all stars and universes guide you both together through the end of time and beyond 🌟
logo desain 23
Chintya dewi
Happy wedding my the only one sister, wishing youu both have forever happiness ❤️
logo desain 23
Happy Wedding Lovebirds❤️ Wishing you guys lifetime of hapiness😍😍 Truly truly very happy for you pit🫶🏻

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Gunawan & Fitra


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A.n Fitra Pratiwi

This event is carried out in compliance with


As Follows :

Wear Mask

Wash Hands

Social Distancing

Avoid shake hands with others

Temp Check

Bring Sanitizer

Without diminishing respect in order to reduce the spread of the virus, please follow health protocols and arrive on time according to the time stated on the invitation.

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