By the Grace of God
So Our Love Brings New Meaning to Live
We Joyfully Request The Honor of Your Presence at Our Marriage

Michael Lie

The third son of
Mr. Lie Po Kwang
Mrs. Yeo Beng Ha


Minal Yow

The only daughter of
Mr. Yao Ming Cheng
Mrs. Zhang Chun Lan

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Wedding Reception


Before Our Special Wedding Day
We hope you can be part of it

Live Streaming Pernikahan

Dikarenakan masa pandemik Covid-19
sehingga kami tidak dapat mengundang Bapak/Ibu/Saudara/i
untuk menghadiri acara kami

Bapak/Ibu/Saudara/i tetap dapat menyaksikan acara pernikahan kami yang telah kami siapkan secara live yang dapat dibuka melalui tombol berikut:

With all due respect through the pandemic situation
we invite you to give support in prayer and be present virtually via live streaming :



Today, we promise to dedicate ourselves completely to each other, with body, speech, and mind. In this life, in every situation, in wealth or poverty, in health or sickness, in happiness or difficulty, we will work to help each other perfectly. The purpose of our relationship will be to attain enlightenment by perfecting our kindness and compassion toward all sentient beings.

Lama Thubten Yeshe

Love Story

20 feb 2018

The First Time we fell in Love...

04 October 2022

The Day we decided to get Married.

Wedding Wish

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Best wishes on a long and happy life together. Happy Marriage Minal ❤️ Michael. ㊗️新婚快樂🎉
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Happy Wedding Minaaa ❤️❤️
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Ling Ce
Congratulations, Wishing you an amazing life together filled with love & laughter.
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Sandi Yao & Erlin
Congratulations on your wedding Minal & Michael. Wishing Both of you a lifetime full of love, joy and happiness.
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An Lie & Arma
Happy wedding minal🎊🎊 Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness
logo ramadhan
Happy wedding minal....😍😍😍semoga lancar,langgeng serta bahagia selalu...amin...
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Therry And Family
Wishing You A Lifetime Of Happiness Together and Have A Wonderful Married
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Qink & Rukky
Wishing you both all the joy and happiness for your wedding ceremony and a super happy conjugal life afterward! Congratulations to my chilhood sister.
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Congratulations on your wedding Mina & Mic , So happy for both of you .. I wish you all the love, happiness and a bond that will last a lifetime ..
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Happy wedding Mina & Mic, may your marriage full with love and joy. Happy for both of you.
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Yakub Ng
Much Congratulations Mic&Mina. Wish you a happy and blessed wedding. 😇🎉
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Happy wedding Mina & Mic☺️🥰 wishing both of you a happy & wonderful marriage,..langgeng trus ya😘😘
logo ramadhan
Happy wedding Mina🥰🥰🥰bahagia selalu menyertai pernikahanmu😘😘😘
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Jonny & Kartini
Congratulations! wishing Mic and Mina a lifetime full of love, joy and happiness
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Feb & Eva
Congrats ce..Semoga lancar semuanya dan cepat dapat momongan..
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Yendi & Novia
Happy Wedding my Bro Mina.... Wish you happy, healthy, and long last. Cepat dapat momongan ya. Jangan kalah sama yang lain... 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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Charles & Devita
Semoga pernikahannya selalu diberkati , cepat dapat momongan dan langgeng sampai maut memisahkan
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新婚快乐!! 祝你一生充满爱与幸福!

Wedding Gift

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Thank you for your Support in Prayer


Mic & Mina

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This event is carried out in compliance with


As Follows :

Wear Mask

Wash Hands

Social Distancing

Avoid shake hands with others

Temp Check

Bring Sanitizer

Without diminishing respect in order to reduce the spread of the virus, please follow health protocols and arrive on time according to the time stated on the invitation.

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