By the Grace of God
So Our Love Brings New Meaning to Live
We Joyfully Request The Honor of Your Presence at Our Marriage

Samuel Dwi Prasetya

The second child of
Mr. Wiyono
Mrs. Sri Hastuti


Jessica Novia

The third child of
Mr. Yanto / Ahin (✞)
Mrs. Lanny Natawijaya

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Holy Matrimony

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Before Our Special Wedding Day
We hope you can be part of it

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So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.

Matthew 19:6 ESV

And above all: wear love, as a bond that unites and perfects.
Let the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, for to this you were called to be one body. And be grateful.

Colossians 3:14-15

An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.

Proverbs 31:10

Love Story

My own secret

Wedding Wish

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Ko Jessy&C Yenni
Happy Wedding day. Tuhan berkati pernikahannya dan keluarga barunya. Selalu bersukacita setiap hari dari sukacitaNya Tuhan yaaa. GB🥰🥰🥰
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Michael Yvonne
Congratsss Samu dan Cika!! Langgeng selalu di berkati. GBU always
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Amelisa Meruntu
Selamat buat keluarga yang baru Samuel dan Chika🤵‍♂️👰‍♀️, Tuhan memberkati rumah tangganya sampai ber-anak cucu.👨‍👩‍👦
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Mimi & fam.
Happy Wedding Samuel & Cika. Jadi keluarga yang takut & cinta Tuhan. Tuhan Yesus memberkati. Congratz. 🥂🤵‍♂️👰‍♀️💐
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Always be happy and blessed,amen., 😇
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Cynthia Rbg
Happy wedding Samuel ♡ Chika, bahagia selalu..God bless your marriage life ya..
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selamat mengarungi bahtera rumah tangga didalam Kristus ya kajeje dan bang samuel. Tuhan Memberkati selalu rumah tangganya🙏🏻🤍
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Akhirnya yaaa congrats samu chika ❤️ lancar lancar sampai hari H. Bahagia beranak cucu sampai tua memisahkan kalian 💕💕💕
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Selamat Menempuh Hidup Baru, Tuhan berkati keluarga baru ini senantiasa
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Renny Lyuw
Selamat Menempuh hidup baru. God bless
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Roosje Hutabarat
Selamat menempuh hidup baru ya, Tuhan Yesus senantiasa memberkati…🙏💐
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Eko Sistriatmaja
Selamat menempuh hidup baru GBU
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Heru Wibowo
Selamat menempuh hidup baru, semoga menjadi rumahtangga yg slalu diberkati Tuhan Yesus . Amiin
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congrats ya chika & samu! semoga lancar sampai hari H dan cepet punya debay. Amin
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Mbok Yem
Selamat ndok, lancar sampai hari H. Jangan lupa mampir lagi. Mbok siapin pecel yang muanteb deh
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Congrats samm… Happy for both of you.. Lancar2 ya sampe hari-H
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Congratulations to two of you! Wishing you the best today and always. God bless 🙌
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Helga Novianty M
Selamaat ya sam, akhirnyaaa selalu bersama sampai akhir maut memisahkan. Bahagia selalu, Gbu😇
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Fransiska N
Happy Wedding Samuel & Jessica Tuhan Yesus berkati pernikahan kalian ya 🙂
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KAK SAM CIKAAA selamat yaaa! happy wedding dan semoga kalian ber2 selalu diberkati Tuhan dan sukses selalu! God bless you both <3
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Gais.. congrats ya! Maaf gw ga bsa datang.. happy wedding and longlast🙏 gbu both always🤙🤙
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Arif P
Congrats yah Jessica, semoga langgeng dan happy terus sampai maut memisahkan... happy wedding.. GBU always
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Diet ya Sam masih ada waktu 2 minggu lagi menuju poto lo dipajang seumur hidup wkwkkwkkw
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Lancer smpe hari H buat Samuel & Jessica.. aamiin
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Lancar sampe hari H ya Chika dan Samu! Happy for you both!
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Harto Mimie
Selamat Chika dan Sam..Bahagia selalu..Tuhan berkati..
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Elly J
Happy Wedding Samuel & Jessica. May God Bless your Marriage with never-ending happiness. Hope you can have a wonderful marriage life ahead. 🥰🫶🏻
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Selamat berbahagia Samuel dan Jessica dilancarkan sampai hari H ya Tuhan berkati🙏
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Djonny & Jefi
Happy Wedding Samuel & Jessica God bless your marriage more and more 🙏🙏
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Happy wedfing and God bless your marriage
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Akhirnya 👏👏👏 Lancar sampai hari H for Samuel & Jessica, Tuhan berkati🙏
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Amih Linda
Finally yaa.. selamat untuk pencapaian awal yg indah untuk cici & samuel.. Semoga lancar sampai hari H nya yaa🥰
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Lancar sampai hari H iya kak jj, menjadi keluarga yg bahagia, dan semoga cepat dapat momongan iya kak jj, Tuhan memberkati, Amin
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Kak Itin
Congratulation adik Jeje & Sam.. Semoga lancar sampai hari H ya, Tuhan berkati
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Intan imfi
Semoga lancar sampai hari H dan menjadi keluarga yg selalu bahagia ...Aamoim 🤲
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Andreas Gelbert
Semoga bahagia selalu Samu dan Chika, semoga lancar sampai hari h, diberikan umur panjang. Cepet dapet momongan 🙏 God Bless u Two 😇😇
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happily ever after chika samuu! God bless 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Samuel & Jessica

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A.N Samuel Dwi Prasetya

A.N Jessica Novia

This event is carried out in compliance with


As Follows :

Wear Mask

Wash Hands

Social Distancing

Avoid shake hands with others

Temp Check

Bring Sanitizer

Without diminishing respect in order to reduce the spread of the virus, please follow health protocols and arrive on time according to the time stated on the invitation.

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